Forming a Hypothesis and Getting Things Started

What is A Grand Experiment in Words?

Perhaps it’s best to start by saying that I’ve always wanted to write. I’ve never known what I wanted to write, exactly, but the desire to write has been there, and this blog is where it’s starting. It’s an experiment, and I don’t know what will turn up on these pages, but we’ll test the hypothesis that I do have words that I need to put out there.

As this is an experiment, there won’t be any limits to what I will (or won’t) write about; it will be whatever strikes me as interesting, and where I have something to say. It may be a rehashing of news with opinions thrown in. I may talk about sports that I find interesting. It could be a rant about the mundane things in life. Heck, if I feel inspired, I might even put some fiction up here.

As thoughts churn, I’m going to attempt to make use of the machine in my head to see if I can formulate them into coherent thoughts that are interesting or entertaining. You may find some, all, or none of it worth your time to read, but I’m still going to put it out there.

Why the Name A Grand Experiment in Words?

One of my musical artists is Neal Morse, and the title is a play on the album named The Grand Experiment.

You’ll find some of the above, plus a little more in the about page.